Saturday, October 22, 2005

Vivia at DIA

Vivia Lawson has a new project at Denver International Airport. Read about it here...

My current work involves painting on-site at Denver International Airport in Colorado. If you have been to DIA, you know that it is an architecturally stunning venue, and that it also has an extensive public art program.

My art is not public art. It is intimate, personal, and unabashedly expressive of a single human’s response to life. I guess I believe that creativity will save the world. Is this just a hackneyed modernist notion, or do we have no alternative but to look within for the pulse of wisdom that can guide us through the minefield of political, ecological, and social complexity that is our world today? How do we cope with the confusion and complexity which is the normal state of our American lifestyle?

Yes, I go to DIA, oddly enough, to find peace. In my small town home of Alamosa, Colorado, my life as an artist can find all the craziness of any professional American career. Why DIA? I want to learn more about our world of engagement and connectedness. What better place than an airport to explore the layers of complexity of our current American life conditions and values systems?

The human creative soul is the final natural resource to be mined on a globe with finite physical resources. We understand intellectual capitol. Now it is time to learn about creative capitol. Those who discover their creative capitol discover new resources for problem-solving, for finding peace in our troubled and troubling world, and discover resources for ingenuity and passion for living that are grounded in the true expression of our deepest selves.

Like good art, creativity requires openness, calm and authenticity. The project was conceived from my concern about how we Americans respond in the stressful environments that we confront daily. We shut down. We close up. We become suspicious. Since 9-11, we have built a Culture of Security. Now we must learn to find balance and humanity within the reality of an unsafe world. I hope to explore and promote an understanding of why public spaces must nurture the individual human spirit in ways we have never done before.

This project is just beginning. Please write to me and let me know you are interested in the process:


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