Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Alamosa Artists in Estes Park

Two Alamosa artists have been invited to paint and show their work at the Estes Park Plein Air Event 2006.

Coni Grant and Alec Macbeth Cooke both work in oils, but their styles are very different.

Coni is known for her magnetic compositions and bold, abstracted colors. She uses a direct, wet on wet painting technique called alla prima or all-at-once, and works as quickly as possible, handling the paint very loosely. While she uses the information in front of her, she also draws on her own creative sensibility to add layers of depth and drama to a scene.

Alec’s work is more nostalgic, like traditional California plein air artists such as William Wendt and Edgar Payne. His clean lines and close attention to form, combined with a muted southwestern palette offer an interesting contrast to Coni’s vibrant images.

San Luis Valley residents in particular are invited to view the work of these two local artists in Estes Park. Events include a live auction and opening reception on August 26.

For more details, or to see their work, call Katherine Benke, 719-588-9044, or email Katherine@InsightArtConnection.com.


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