Thursday, September 20, 2007

International Artists

Icarus Floats
Nicolas Ghyssaert
Oil on Canvas
Approx. 55" x 55"

IAC is proud to represent two artists from across the pond -- Nicolas Ghyssaert lives and works in Belgium, and Carlos Pardo is in Spain. Nicolas likes to say his art bares his soul -- his paintings evoke dances with so much energy they seem as if they'll fly off the wall...but there is a sense of control that also requires the viewer's attention. Another dance begins. His work is currently on exhibit at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels.

La Cantante del Metropol
Carlos Pardo
Acrylic on Canvas
Approx. 13" x 10"

Carlos is a prolific artist, with dozens of paintings reminiscent of Spanish sunsets. These are romantic cityscapes with an edge of intelligence, dramatic emotions painted with coolness. His perspective is often from a distance, rendered with watery shapes and warm colors -- his work is perfect for salons and cafes around the world. Carlos' work was recently featured in a solo show at CafeTeArte in Madrid.


Blogger Carlos said...

Hi Katherine:

Thank you a lot for your comment about my artwork on your Blog. Surfing the Web searching about you I could read that. You really fight for the artists and for your IAC gallery!.You deserves all success in your enterprise.
It's my honour to be remarked by you on your Blog.

Sincerely yours ever!

Carlos Pardo

5:46 PM  

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