Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Rita Roberts at SII

Sunday, September 16, at 3:00 p.m., join Rita Roberts at Shumei International Institute as she talks about her oil paintings and demonstrates her technique. Rita’s painting, "Quiet Night, Home Lake" won the 1st place and a peoples' choice award in the SLV 100 years of Reservoirs Celebration last month. Another piece, “Winter Sky,” is currently touring nationally in the annual Paint the Parks exhibit.

Rita describes her work as “quietly moody.” Whether the composition is simple or complex, the under layer of stillness is there. A naturalistic contradiction occurs within the pervading mood. Deep, rich colors emerge from the canvas, glowing from within and requiring attention. Quiet, yet commanding.
Many of her oil paintings are done entirely with a single palette knife to make the experience much more tactile and direct than it is with conventional painting. She doesn’t use any brushes, mediums or solvents. When describing the ways in which Rita applies paint to canvas, one may use the verbs scrape, drag, slap, push, stroke and even kiss.

Rita’s presentation will continue the 2007 Shumei International Institute (SII) Symposia Series. This year, each symposium will be held on the third Sunday of the month, from July through October. SII in Crestone, CO, is a not for profit organization created to promote spiritual growth through interfaith activities, the practice of Natural Agriculture, and the sponsorship of the arts and cultural events.

Through symposia, exhibitions, and community receptions, SII actively encourages the integration of art and beauty into daily life. Art can put humankind in touch with the best qualities of human nature. When touched by beauty we place a higher value on life and on all creation. The arts foster harmony both within the individual and among communities. Shumei encourages its members and friends to make the arts an integral part of their lives.

Shumei’s gallery is free and open to the public 7 days a week from 9-5 PM. To find out more about SII, or for directions to the gallery, call Matthew Crowley: 719-256-5285.
To inquire about paintings by Rita Roberts, contact Katherine Benke, Insight Art Connection: 719-588-9044, or email Katherine@InsightArtConnection.com.

Image: “Winter Sky”
Oil on Linen


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