Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Amy Alexander

This is a new artist I'm very excited about. Amy Alexander creates architectural portraits with a technique she calls "photage." Using her own photographs, she cuts and reassembles fragments of a place until the resulting image tells a deeper and more complete truth -- as she sees it -- than just one photograph could ever convey. This very labor-intensive process reminds me of deconstruction. She's tearing the surface apart to get to the heart of a place.

A Denver native, she's memorialized the Colorado state capitol, the Pueblo Chieftan, and the Denver Convention Center, among others. This image is of the La Capilla de Todos los Santos. Dimensions are 16 3/4" x 27".

For more information or to inquire about Amy's work, please call 719-588-9044 or email

Friday, May 12, 2006

Jane Jacobs at San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center

Watercolors by Jane Jacobs are on display now through June at San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center. Jacobs is known for her commissioned portraits, and the exhibition covers examples of these, as well as southwestern tableaux and award-winning botanical representations.

SLVRMC created the ARTrium in the south wing of the hospital as part of their mission to provide quality, compassionate care in a quiet and healing space. Through Insight Art Connection, the hospital works with local artists throughout the Valley to reflect the culture and life of the San Luis Valley and remind patients, visitors and staff of the creativity and beauty all around them. With exhibitions, community receptions, and children’s art displays, the ARTrium program is designed to enrich the relationship between healthcare and the community.

To find out more about the ARTrium, or the work of Jane Jacobs, call Katherine Benke, Insight Art Connection: 719-588-9044.