Saturday, May 26, 2007

New News News

Thanks to Sherrie York, a Salida artist I met last week, I'm back to blogging with a fresh attitude. I'm conceptualizing a series of love notes, in praise of artful living. Let me know if there's something I should really be in love with...

Right now I'm loving the chance to see artwork by artists from around Chaffee County. It's a well-evolved arts community, with the Salida Art Walk coming up, the Arkansas Valley Arts Council, and other organizations that encourage amateurs and professionals to express themselves.

My company is consulting with Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center
to build an art collection for their new facility. They are committed to supporting regional artists, which is great for the community, the artists, and me (although it's also lots of work). Art from this area will come in future posts -- for now I have some photos of a show at the San Luis Valley Brewing Company. This series of rotating exhibitions is another new project (hmm, now I'm remembering why I took some time away from the blog...) These are weavings by Rebecca Mezoff -- enjoy!