Saturday, June 02, 2007

Kris Gosar at San Luis Valley Brewing Company

I'm in love with the quiet, direct, forgiving mood Kris Gosar creates with his paintings. He talks about the histories captured by each of his portraits -- every person has innumerable stories bubbling beneath the surface. Figurative work is a rare meeting of accurate draftsmanship and personal expression. In his words, "The moments are precious and rare when I can really look at a person, then let the visual information travel into my eyes, through my brain, heart, and out my hand onto the canvas."

Fifteen of those rare moments are on view now at the Brewery in downtown Alamosa -- just in time for this week's Firefighters' Academy at Adams State College June 2-8, and Summerfest on the Rio, June 1-3.

Here's one of my favorites: an old-timer who's seen his share of happiness and pain, and still has plenty of kick-up left in his heels. It reminds me to keep my chin up and give my kerchief a chance to catch some air.

Oil on panel


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